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iPhone App Icon Sketches.

iPhone App Icon Sketches — Stage 1

Collections of sketches that we draw during icon design process.


Do you use a printable planner? I’m talking about a planner that you put together by yourself. This is seriously such a great idea and there are quite a few resources out there for planners now, but using them for a quilt project planner can be tricky.

Concept Sketches - Stylized Dragons, Lucas Parolin on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PBN68

This is the result of the last few days I worked on a project that is now cacelled. As seen before, my job was only to explore the ideas and not finalize the concept. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish any and the project was cancelled.

Infrastructure (Ch. 3): refers to a country's physical development: the state of its roads, ports, sanitation facilities, and utilities. makes me think of a building plan

Stuart Franks’ City in a Building (and other drawings)

Section Drawing- Stuart Franks. (This is an architectural sectional sketch. But it is art to me.

ych_1_christmas_cuties_by_milkywhite_cherybite-dbvl9t3.jpg (852×937)

ych_1_christmas_cuties_by_milkywhite_cherybite-dbvl9t3.jpg (852×937)

[Basic] human anatomy textbook reference and learning ~ hope for large ...

Guías de dibujo: Anatomía y movimientos del cuerpo