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I Call Her

wayfaring through my mind. A few words changed. I call him the devil cause he makes me wanna sin, every time he knocks I can't help but let him in.


Funny pictures about IKEA job interview. Oh, and cool pics about IKEA job interview. Also, IKEA job interview photos.

Funny Autocorrects (30 Pics) I think I might do this!

HAHAHAHAHA we should TOTALLY do this! (Changing names in phone to fictional characters, Dumbledore, Harry Potter)

Ok so I may have searched Daily Odd Compliment and there may be many pins like this coming

Funny pictures about I really appreciate that. Oh, and cool pics about I really appreciate that. Also, I really appreciate that.

Sex humor funny

Girls complain about when guys use them for sex . Sex is awesome ! Start complaining when they use you for laundry or a human shield

LOL! The Koala Bear's face!!

the koalas face! the search term "koala bears are always high?

I can vouch that this does indeed happen. :)

I still have hope

When does the nerd girl get the hot guy? Or better yet, when does the nerd girl get the nerd guy?

Be content

How To Create Change Through Acceptance; until you make peace with who you are you will never be content with what you have