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Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur (Alemania)

Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur: Hand(Knowing where the healing is.

Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur: Head  Knowing where the healing is. To help people find out where to find a cure, McCann Berlin leads them to the online service of the German Academy for Acupuncture / DAA e.V. Loosely inspired by Google maps, McCann developed a print campaign showing maps of body parts featuring a number of points to be stimulated in acupuncture to get rid of internal disturbances.

Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur: Head(Knowing where the healing is.

BL-28-Bladder-Shu-PANGGUANGSHU-1.jpg (318×771)

Bladder Shu PANGGUANGSHU - Acupuncture Points] cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the second sacral foramen.

Cantinho Terapêutico Namastê: Eletroacupuntura pode ajudar a tratar depressão

Electric Acupuncture Heightens Success Rates for Women Undergoing Embryo Transfer - Acupuncture - Fertility Clinic - Pregnancy - IVF - Jupit.

Joaquín Antonio del Cerro Gabarró | Acupuntura renovada

Joaquín Antonio del Cerro Gabarró | Acupuntura renovada

03 腹针八廓图

03 腹针八廓图

Tirendo Car Tire: Seductives Curves, Miss October

Tirendo Car Tyres - Seductive Curves, Miss October advertising campaign and the success story at afaqs! Creative Showcase with other related Creatives by Tirendo Car Tyres and the people behind it.


Print advertisment created by TBWA, United Kingdom for Red Bull, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Plancha hasta las telas más rebeldes

Passa Fácil 'Tames Even The Unruliest Fabrics' advert by Manoel Zanzoti of Z+