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Daffodil flowers are attractive trumpet-shaped perennial flowers that bloom from bulbs during the spring.

Ecotherapy (also known as green therapy, nature therapy, and earth-centered therapy) -- can have regenerative powers, improving mood and easing anxiety, stress, and depression.  Time for a walk … #PGI #AlbertEinstein

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Wrongly name orange tuberose on indulgy site. It's actually Ornithogalum dubium, a brilliant orange Star of Bethlehem that grows in South Africa so sadly, not winter hardy for temperate climates.

I will start today with what I have in my hand and in my heart! #whatsinyourheart #bobproctor

I will start today with what I have in my hand and in my heart!

"Everything was impossible until someone did it"

Everything was Impossible Until Someone did It. - another inspirational thought for you to consider and think about while you go about your day!

Narcissist characteristics: They believe they are special; as a result, they believe they can only be understood and appreciated by people who are -- or organizations that are -- also special.Consequently, narcissists have unreasonable expectations of people and situations. They feel they are entitled to favorable treatment and unquestioning compliance with their hopes and expectations. Other people are supposed to acquiesce to their wishes or they are put out and aggravated.

Narcissus for December for my half sleeve that I'm trying to finish for all my family birth flower

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how do you take cuttings from geraniums? These plants are one of the most popular summer bedding plants. Cut your cost of having these garden beauties by starting your own for the next season.