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laurenzuke : 스티븐 우주의 마지막 에피소드 ... .Trusts 깨진. 마음은 배신. 흙덩이는 named.Will 우리가 제일 좋아하는 녹색 보석은 오후 5시 30 분 금요일?! 우정의 조형 안개를 통해 그녀의 방법을 놓쳤 알아보세요!

If you're a Peridot fan, this is your episode: Steven Universe episode 'Log Date 7 15 is all about how far our little green Dorito has come. Read our Steven Universe episode 'Log Date 7 15 recap after the jump.

Lapis's Stand: Empress Aqua

Lapis's Stand: Empress Aqua

If you didn't sing this then you are doing something wrong

God bless this picture! I needed this today! >>> We're watching The Sound of Music in my choir class, and when I saw this I just started singing it out loud.

Centipeetle, Cartoon, StevenUniverse, Su, Feels

Centipeetle, Cartoon, StevenUniverse, Su, Feels // dont like how her gem's on her shoulder but otherwise YES

stevenuniverse Lapis and her wacky roomate

Come on lapis! Can't you see she is a sweet cinnamon roll looking for love? <<<This comic really shows how much of a cinnamon roll Peridot is!

Steven Universe

I love how Steven Universe revolves around all kinds of love, especially that which Steven gives and receives. Such a sweet little show. When I heard th. SU - Love Like You