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Arithmologia de Athanasius Kircher. (Detail). axonometrica 0151 CINCO


Arithmologia de Athanasius Kircher. (Detail). axonometrica 0151 CINCO

Jakob Böhme, Dreifaches Leben, Mysterium Magnum, Alchemy

Jacob Boehme’s ‘ Mysterium Magnum’, Chapter 11 : Of the Mystery of the Creation

muscavomitoria: “ Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II magnae Britanniae regis (1702). Detail. “  ” ”

Plate from the published funeral rites of James II, the last Roman Catholic King of Great Britain: "Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II, Magnae Britanniae regis" by Henri-Emmanuel de Roquette (orator),

Ceremonial Magick:  The Kabbalistic Tree of Life. #Ceremonial #Magick.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life with the names of the Sephiroth and paths. Notice The Void and The Abyss, two necessary mystical states of consciousness attainment.

Solomon's key

The Absolute Key to Occult Science - Tarot of the Bohemian Grove froot loops.

Saturn. Woodcut by The Master 4+ (c. 1554-1580)

AstroSpirit / Capricorn ♑ / Earth / The Goat / Capricorne / Saturn. Woodcut by The Master (c.

The Ripley Scroll, 1570 | Alchemical manuscript that shows in pictorial cryptograms the production of the Philosopher's Stone.

The Ripley Scroll, George Ripley , Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

"Fiat Lux" by Athanasius Kircher.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_there_be_light

Athanasius Kircher - Fiat Lux – Kircher was a German jesuit scientist who has been a scientific star in his day before he was eclipsed by René Descartes. He was the "last renaissance man" as said Edward W.

evergod: “ Plate XI: The I of the Radio, 1999 Vasily Kafanov (Russian, b. Smashing Pumpkins: Machina, The Machines of God ”

Hermes Trimegistus, Secretum Secretorum (The Seven Steps), 1140. / Sacred Geometry <3

deathandmysticism: “ Hermes Trimegistus, The Seven Steps, Secretum Secretorum, 1140 ”

Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, 1500-1825

☤alquimia - Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: Rosicrucian Alchemy from Manly Palmer Hall collection