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Beauty style Guide compiles a list of sassy felines that aren't too happy. Click through our slideshow of cute kitty cats with glasses on, right meow!

Unknown artist, black-haired girl

I close my eyes, Ivan Turcin on ArtStation. Please choose vegan art supplies

Naughty Newton - 4x6 Photopolymer stamp set by Newton’s Nook Designs featuring Naughty Cat Stamps

Naughty Newton

Naughty Newton - Photopolymer stamp set by Newton’s Nook Designs featuring Naughty Cat Stamps

Set of 20 different doodle emotions by Lauritta on Creative Market

Set 20 doodle emotions cats Graphics Set of 20 different doodle emotions cat. Emotions for design. Anger and jo by Modern vector

Isabelle Huppert: Woman of Many Faces, by Elfriede Jelinek

Édouard Boubat Isabelle Huppert Paris, France, 1983 From Édouard Boubat: A Gentle Eye. French actress and cat lover.


Farewell letter from

i know, neon is back. i'm not opposed to neon. in small doses, i quite like it. but i am opposed to neon eyeliner. it makes you look like an alien. even in the they didn't make neon look this bad.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design portfolio; creative sketch book layout inspiration

there are three things i like about this image: use of collage for hands and face using the same design but scaling it up for background and down for pattern fill the texture added in the background from scanning in a crumpled piece of paper

Bath time!

Bat: Bat, (order Chiroptera), any member of the only group of mammals capable of flight. This ability, coupled with the ability to navigate at night by using a system of acoustic

Katy Perry: Harpers Bazaar cover girl

Katy Perry was featured in December 2010 issue of 'Harper's Bazaar'. Enjoy the classy photos of Katy Perry shot by the great Alexi Lubomirski.