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View at the naturally-aspirated engine of the 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster. The car was sold in October 2009 at an auction held by RM Auctions for Cheap, considering the.

The Curious Self-Serving Machines of Dan Grayber

mechanics, inner workings, complex system, dependent on all parts, all parts are different steel metal gears - hot forging mechanical presses - www.it -

Silly Mechanical GIFs - Part Three "Boom Sticks" - Album on Imgur

Silly Mechanical GIFs - Part Three "Boom Sticks"

qsy-complains-a-lot: “ garethwashere: “ROTARY_CLIP // yeah, I’m calling it a “clip”, as the spring mechanism, and indeed all the mechanical wherewithal needed to advance the next round, isn’t integral.

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Renault Six-Speed EDC Dual Clutch Transmission. I am in love with any kind of transmission

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aad268ceeffa621d2bb11f6171db9e3d_large.jpeg (1920×1080)

°) 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR AMG RHD Roadster drive train, a normally aspirated 600 hp liter