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temari... I need to make one this way

Temari - the art of Japanese thread balls. Traditionally given as a gift.

Temari   A Work of Art inspiration

Temari - A Work of Art

Ŧhe ₵oincidental Ðandy: A Feast For The Eyes: The Artful Geometry of Japanese Temari Thread Balls

90-year-old grandmother creates gorgeous traditional Japanese toy, temari.

embroidered temari balls japan / Grandma Shares 30 Years of Embroidered Temari Balls


traditional Japanese handball, Temari - I must not let this one craft be the demise of my craftiness! I will master this.

Temari balls with geometric patterns japanese needlework

Brightly Embroidered Temari Balls Are a Kaleidoscope of Geometric Design

Temari,is a Japanese thread ball, which is a symbol of perfection. There is a long history about the weaving of thread to create this artw.

#temari Jun2009_242 by NanaAkua, via Flickr

Temari World is the only place where you can find beautiful temari balls, as well as temari ball products and accessories.


I have some of these, made by a 90 year old Japanese lady, all different, so beautiful!