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Storie Incredibili / Contatto col nemico Dan McPharlin Illustrations for Wired Magazine (Italy).

Michael Whelan, Foundation and Empire, The Mule


Apparently, this Martian army has a division of big Spider-Man fans.

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Alien Helps Astronaut in Illustration called "Help" — GeekTyrant

klaus burgle orb - Google Search

For me this piece of sci fi art remains the best overall rendition of Robert A. Heinlein's written description of the powered armor suits worn by his Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers the novel.

Paul Francis

Paul Francis - (Just /look/ at that thick body.

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sciencefictionworld: Art by Michael Whelan. (via pulpexplosion)

Jungleman II by ahaas on DeviantArt

Jungleman II by ahaas - Arthur Haas


Vincent Di Fate is an American artist specializing in science fiction and fantasy illustration. He was inducted by the Science Fiction Ha.

Dan McPharlin

Land of the Sleeping Things - Dan McPharlin

final discovery

Excellent concept art by Jacob will be posted here. 20 years old Jacob Atienza is from Oakland, He is a brilliant Illustrator and Digital Concept Artist.

città fantastiche

Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: A Selection of Elevated Cities Part I

The Black Galaxy by Murray Leinster - città fantastiche

sci-fi art  ****If you're looking for more Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh's Dark Science Fiction Novel "Pursuit of the Zodiacs." Launching Soon! PursuitoftheZodiacs.com****

sci-fi art (kinda reminds me of a Cobra BAT!

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spassundspiele: “ Moon 33 – sci-fi concept by Denis Melnychenko ” IF you like Science Fiction you will love these: Can you see the……… Your Doing it Right.

"1920 - Shepherd" by Jakub 'Mr. Werewolf' Rozalski - Limited Edition, Fine Art…

"1920 - Shepherd" by Jakub 'Mr. Werewolf' Rozalski - Fine Art Print

Jakub Rozalski sheep walker s

Artwork by Dan McPharlin.  Larger.

Artwork by Dan McPharlin.