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How much water do you really need?

How much Water do YOU drink, daily? ❥➥❥ 10 reasons to drink more Water, and how to figure out how much YOU need. It's water crazy

Easy Spring Tulle Wreath with Butterflies - this tulle wreath is bright and cheerful for spring, and easy to make

Spring Tulle Wreath

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Diagnosing thyroid disease is a process that can incorporate numerous factors, including clinical evaluation, blood tests, imaging tests, biopsies and other tests. In this article, you’ll learn more about the blood tests that are used as part of thyroid disease diagnosis and management.

Learn About the Blood Tests Used to Diagnose Thyroid Disease

Is generic levothyroxine as safe and effective as brand name thyroid drugs? Find out why some doctors have concerns about generic levothyroxine, and how you can get the best possible care.

Green Tea Key Benefits Hydration for any time of day Supports the body’s antioxidant activity Protects against free radical damage Contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Zero calorie

Herbalife Green Tea (instant) available in Original or Pomegranate (zero calories)