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Carnaval veneciano
Even horrific and psychotic villains like the Scarecrow appreciate the soothing calm of Japanese art.
I have chosen this image because I think that it is very interesting because I like how the other half of the face is fine. However the other half of the face is corrupted. It sums up what a zombie looks like. I think that this image will be a good starting point and something that I can draw from.
La manera más sencilla de lucir aterradora.

Maquillaje paso a paso para quien ama lucir aterradora en Halloween

Possible Fenris Ulf or Wolf makeup                                                                                                                                                      More
Mom’s Halloween Face Paint Transformations Are Literally Terrifying (Photos)
Crazy-Yet-Scary-Halloween-Hair-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2013-2014-1.jpg 400×530 pixels
Máscara de Piel para Halloween