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Supernatural family car crash I cried but stayed strong at the same time for Dean.

Dean is the one who raised him, looked after him, made sure he was fed and had clothes on his back. Dean is the worlds best older brother EVER!<< Not in this fandom and almost cried.<<<This is so sad. Dean is the world's best brother

And then years later, when Dean's death happens and he's in hell, Sam purposefully messes with the car and plays crappy music so that maybe Dean will come back to haunt him. Anything to see his face again, hear his voice one last time.

(gif set) "And then years later, when Dean’s deal happens and he’s in Hell, Sam purposefully messes with the car and plays shitty music so that maybe Dean WILL come back to haunt him; anything to see his face again, hear his voice one last time.

[gifset] SPN Fandom Honestly this made me start laughing and I can't even describe how perfect mishas face is here.

That's how you become president

supernatural funny meme Because. That's how you become president. Life lessons from Dean Winchester

TVShow Time - Supernatural S01E11

BUT as children they probably had to sleep in the same bed cause.most motels only have two beds.and I can see John Winchester being a bed hog :P

#Supernatural Season 1 vs. Season 10

Supernatural Transformation From The First Season To The Eighth one - This hurts me on a spiritual level!


I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here. But after dean said stay positive Sam said I am positive

Jensen  Ackles  as  Dean  Winchester  and  Jared  Padalecki  as  Sam  Winchester  in  Supernatural  ♡

To NO ONE’s surprise, the Supernatural fandom was among the first to join in: They crave that mineral. And we crave then.