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Reblog the Assbutt

Dude, you have to see this

''Give me a fucking break, I'm about to die for your ass, appreciate it.'' HAHAHAHA / Assbutt :)>>>the worst thing is that in Italian it wasn't this funny :/

Seriously. I can't believe how young they look too after several years of filming!

Supernatural Dean Sam Winchester Castiel and Kevin Tran Advanced Placement


Dean is the one who raised him, looked after him, made sure he was fed and had clothes on his back. Dean is the worlds best older brother EVER!<< Not in this fandom and almost cried.<<<This is so sad. Dean is the world's best brother

Mark Pellegrino is awesome.

The SPN fandom, ladies and gents - Missing Lucifer LOL and Metatron is a jerk and not nearly as likable as Lucifer.

I laughed sooo friggin hard... Literally had tears rolling down my face! The look of utter disappointment was classic!!! Lmaooo

Photo of I lost my shoe . =( for fans of Supernatural Quotes. When some gum gets stuck to Sam's shoe, he tries to scrape it of the sharp edges of a drain and it then gets loose and falls in.

Some fun stuff for you :)

LOL. Look at this

Can't stop laughing! Heeeeat of the momentttt shone in your eyes Dean: "Rise and shine Sammy!

*Dean randomly dies in the shower*

Dean + Showers // let's also be fair, he never had a great "model home" steam shower like he did in that first clip.

Mischa is like what the hell Jared is a giant happy puppy moose hybrid that bleeds sparkles and rainbows and unicorns and his dimples And Jensen conveys sass in it's purist form by chewing gum Supernatural actors comic con<--- its misha, assbutt

Dean Winchester is legendary

year-old Man Fights Bear, Wins with Headbutt, Eats Pie to Celebrate"- Dean Winchester the later years - Supernatural

Perfect timing except that should be crowles joke hints scince he made the joke by calling sam moose

Perfect timing except that should be crowles joke hints scince he made the joke by calling sam moose>> Crowley teaching Cas jokes.

Now they just go "sup" and stab

On a scale of salt hula hoops to Christo as a last name, how good is your idea?

JJ has Jensen wrapped around her little finger.

[gifset] Danneel on making fun of Jensen, Jensen on knowing it, and JJ being just like her mother