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California Barbie. I LOVED the Barbie song that came w/ her. The Beach Boys sang it.

I LOVED this Barbie and my mom found me a bathing suit that matched!

Eighties Barbie!

Totally Hair Barbie , my sister has this one and I had the brunette with the blue dress

Played with Skipper, Barbie, Mitch, Ken, Jem, tons of barbie dolls!!

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She was my favorite!

Hawaiian fun Barbie the perfume bracelet that came with her! I jab two of these Barbies.

One of my favorite barbies #80's

Barbie and the Rockers with the pink outfit. OMG I had this barbie. that outfit she had on was very cute.

I remember how her gown made crinkling noises when you touched it.

Barbie Action Accents - I have them all still, except the PC and the clock!

Barbie Action Accents by Barbie Had the sewing machine in blue (rare) and the record player in pink AND purple. I had the sewing machine

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Barbie and the Sensations. One of my favourite Barbie dolls. And she came with a totally rad cassette tape!