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Ciudad y naturaleza se unen en estas piezas de arte urbano

Ciudad y naturaleza se unen en estas piezas de arte urbano

Street Pineapple, art can be created from the most unexpected things!

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Who says resistance is futile? Resistance creates change and change is inevitable.

Some really cool arts Some really cool arts Some really cool arts

Some really cool arts

I love the man coming out of the ground. There is one similar to this at a school in Wicker Park

Origami street art

Colorful Origami Street Art Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. The Saint-Maurice cathedral was adorned with two installations—a geometric pattern on the front gate and a rainbow of origami on the front steps.


I love it when artists play with nature in their work. In particular I have a thing for that kind of art that puts nature into a different perspective and makes you look at it in another way. A selection of artists have done exactly.

Great street graffiti

If all graffiti was this amazing it would just be called “art” (35 Photos)

Street Art Where most of us would walk by and ignore this ugly space some very talented people give us a reason to stop, look and smile. Street Art Utopia click and check them out.

zipped water sculpture

Mark Hall Sculpture in the Modern Artists Gallery. "Mark Hall sculpture is collected worldwide and his installation work is referred to as 'seamless cutting edge contemporary art'." seen at: image.

In the garden

When street art meets nature

hope to see more stuff like this around my town (SA, TX)

How much would your littles one love to have stairs painted like piano keys at home! Grafitti Piano Stairs via onepicten

Que manera mas curiosa de arreglar los agujeros en las paredes nos encontramos en Tel Aviv, ¡con piezas de Lego! Por lo visto lo deben estar haciendo en diferentes ciudades del mundo, ¿lo has visto en alguna?

German artist Jan Vormann travels the world repairing cracks with legos

German artist Jan Vormann travels around the world and restores crumbling architecture using LEGO blocks. In his work titled Dispatchwork, Vormann has spent three years filling in the cracks of buildings with colorful LEGO pieces.