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Aristolochia salvadorensis | Flor marchita calavera (pareidolia)

The Death Rose (Rosa calvaria) is a rare and mysterious plant species. Beautiful when blooming, the buds form skull like faces when wilting. Biologists still don’t understand how the Death Rose forms.

human skull HUMAN HEADHUNTING HAND CARVED | carved human skull | forensic anthropology/ surgeries/ etc. Beautiful

Tibetan engraved human skull

skulls art History bones Ancient Ancient Art tibetan keep-it-for .

http://www.creativeboysclub.com/  http://www.creativeboysclub.com/wall/creative

What a great project! Digital Vanitas by Christian Fiebig. Physical representation of a digital shaped skull.

A tragédia não é quando um homem morre. A tragédia é o que morre dentro de um homem quando ele está vivo.

Dance macabre - some people think skeletons are creepy. I think they are beauty at its core!

animal skull

Monsters (Gallery)/Page 19

Me: oh hey seedeater! Me: (looks down to see Ej desperately trying to hold seedeater.

BEARDED IRIS // Hello Darkness Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris

Hello Darkness Tall Bearded Iris -- Elusive and mysterious are two attributes that describe Hello Darkness.One of the darkest of it's kind, the velvety, purple-black, bearded b.

get this on my rib cage. it needs a little work tho

Romantic Skeleton Couple Skull Art ~ Skeletons in Love on Cherry Blossoms Flowers Branch Tattoo Art Idea!

Wow. Pretty cool

Fake - skulls found in nature - This is a detail of the decoration at "Treasure Island" hotel and casino, Las Vegas. Treasure Island is a pirate-themed hotel.

Flower skull

I'm not a tattoo gal but this almost makes me change my mind. SKULL Jason Bateman I really want a watercolor style tattoo.

Paciflora Incarnata "Purple Passion Flower" Spaceship/Jellyfish flower

PlantFiles Pictures: Passiflora Species, Apricot Vine, Maypop, Purple Passion Flower, Hardy Passion Vine (Passiflora incarnata) by