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dia de los muertos

Many images from the Day of the Dead can be traced to Jose Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican print maker in the who specialized in political satire.

Panamanian Myths and Legends | LA TEPESA The story says this woman was one day doing laundry in the river with her baby. One day an Adonis came in a horse and flirted with her, she was all first love or something like that so he asked her to go for a ride with him, she went and then in the night he asked her “Where’s your baby?” and he vanished so the fantasy became a nightmare.

La Llorona: Don’t go down to the river, child, Don’t go there alone; For the sobbing woman, wet and wild, Might claim you for her own.

Dances originary from Puebla, Mexico. South central Mexico, From the times of colonial settlement (Ballet Folklorico Leyenda)