Fullmetal Alchemist/ Heroes of Olympus crossover.

My art crossover edward elric Winry Rockbell FMA Fullmetal Alchemist Leo Valdez HoO heroes of olumpus fmaxhoo

A Percy Jackson AU in which everything is the same except Percy is a punk. don't expect much from me If Percy was a punk

viria: what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. It’s ironic how happy!Nico things are also actually the saddest Nico things :[ I forgot to mention I developed a headcanon in which Nico gets some freckles on his nose, too, when he spends a lot time hanging outdoors during sunny days(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness Viria did another if-Bianca-was-still-alive / happy!Nico and my heart! Oh my heart! *doesn't know if a happy smiley or a sad smiley goes here*<<<my heart, literally jump out of my chest.

aang and leo would be the best of friends XD

Leo and Aang - ATLA-Percy Jackson crossover by viria

Haha Percy and Annabeth. This is just sooo Percy<<<< Sand castle is an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference.

harry potter and percy jackson crossover

harry potter and percy jackson crossover