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Harry Potter and the sorting hat. What if the sorting hat didn't believe he belonged in Slytherin, and was just giving Harry the boost he needed to believe he was a Gryffindor?

Candy trolley lady

My wizarding hat is off to the candy trolley lady. -- I'm here for he candy lady handing out candies to ppl at the Battle of Hogwarts<<< never really thought of this.

Haha I love this. Oh harry “well it does match your eyes”

Harry would never make fun of his friend like that though. He reserves his sass for those who deserve it. Ron feels insecure enough about the robes in the book. That said this scene is hilarious in the movie. But it wouldn't work in the book << Very true.

@Alex Wardlaw

I think I will name my kids with Harry Potter names. My kids WILL have Harry Potter names


Snape lowers his wand. Because this scene has happened before. A woman jumps in front of Harry to save his life. Lily Potter and Professor McGonagell

He tired to get up so I bashed him on the head ...... oh cool

The more interviews that I read about the HP cast, the more I fall in love all over again.<--But really, I get so impressed when I find out that a certain scene was actually improvised

"Umbridge dared to be female"?! That better not be implying what I think it's implying. We never hated Umbridge because she's female. We hated her because she abused her power and tried to silence opposition. Umbridge represents what society is like when opinions are suppressed by those in power. She is not evil because she's female; she's evil because she is oppressive and cruel.

Voldemort vs. Umbridge

Voldemort is the villain we hope never to face. Umbridge is the villain we face everyday<<< i would rather face Voldemort.

Why each member of the Trio's choice of Deathly Hallow is important to their characterization.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The deathly Hallows. This is weird will they turn out like the deathly hallows if the people make a new movie/ book?


The could have been&rsquo;s of hp.

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This hit me real hard. Right in the feels. It's also just like Ouran High School Host Club with the Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, and Haruhi telling them apart when no one else could.

I don't accept this as canon, but London was easily the best part of the show. Made me smile lol

if London was secretly a witch (HP/Suite Life crossover) - headcanon accepted!

Try to read this without crying...I dare you

The most magical of tears…

I have a twin sister of my own and just reading that and imagining how that must feel makes me want to sob too.

Harry Potter isn't just for kids.

If you still think the Harry Potter books are still for kids, then I have serious doubts whether you can actually read. Only Trix are for kids.

Harry Potter...

What Avada Kedavra really means…J.K Rowling always has tricks up her sleeve. <<< And I thought it was just a play on abracadabra!