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Woman Reading Book on Park Bench

20 (More) Art Prints to Encourage Reading | Apartment Therapy

20 Art Prints to Encourage Reading

Last year we rounded up ten reading related art prints and it felt time for an update

Untold Stories - A photographic project to bring attention to street/poor children in Vietnam.  Photograph by Ho Quang (V)

Ho Quang, Vietnamese Photographer, Captures Poor Children's Dreams In Eerie Photos

SparkLife » Hogwarts Houses Hex the Patriarchy

Wizards are kinda kicking our Muggle butts in terms of gender equality, as evidenced by the fact that Hogwarts has an equal number of men and women on its staff, gender is irrelevant on Quidditch.

Resaca Literaria

Oh the sensation of a good book in my hands, wind in my hair, and the autumn leaves. Illustration by Erin McGuire

Reading, after all, means nothing more than creating a small garden in our memory. Any good book brings some element, a flower bed, a tree, a bench on which to rest when you are tired. Year after year, reading after reading, the garden is transformed into a park, and in this park, you may occasionally find someone else ...    - Susanna Tamaro

Photographer Christine Ellger draws inspiration from surrealism for her contemporary art photos that resemble real paintings.

No dangerous reading. Evil does not come from the intellect when the heart is healthy - Jacinto Benavente (spanish writer,