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"Manifestación de Luz"/"Manifestation of Light" Oleo sobre Lienzo / Oil on Canvas 60 cm. X 50 cm. / 23 in. X 19 in. 2013 ***Private Collection*** @[129080137151994:274:Eduardo Rodríguez Calzado / Artist]

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Artist Statement With the use of bright colors, geometric shapes, dashes.

"La Mujer Habitada "/"The Inhabited Woman" Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

"La Mujer Habitada "/"The Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Mental Image by Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Artist: Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 50 cm. X 70 cm.

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Crystal Chakra Painting beautiful just beautiful isint it


Artist: Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 100 cm. Year: 2013 Origins of Nature

Paintings 2014 | Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Evita que baje tu vibración

Fifth dimensional relationships generate freedom and joy.  Each relationship is an investment in the people, places, and kingdoms of nature that are being interconnected.  The unconditional loving from which fifth dimensional relationships emerge creates change by offering an environment in which the opportunities for evolutionary development are gracefully accessed and successfully utilized by all involved. …

From an article at Higher Perspective: 3 Signs You’ve Met Someone In A Previous Life -- just love the artwork.

cross-connect:  Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman The artist and painter Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado describes himself as being obsessed with detail, “expressing emotions through the fragmentation of color”. While the human form or elements of human consciousness are often represented in his pieces, he also enjoys starting with more abstract gestures and colors, and letting the narrative unfold organically.

Artist: Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 120 cm. X 100 cm.

°Dancing with Mother Earth by Eduard?

A collection of my works, oil and acrylic paintings

Ilene Satala - Goddess of Wisdom Tree

Injustice Quotes - Part 1

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

A collection of my works, oil and acrylic paintings


Tangled Oil Paintings of Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Tree of Life  Can you see her?  She is the source of all, the circle of life, and the link between heaven and earth. The fruit in the tree is the universe, the mystery.  When one partakes of the fruit immortality is realized.  Within the masculine strength of the tree her feminity shines through as she cohorts with the blue butterfly, symbol of transformation.

Tree of Life -from Earth Magic by Robin Rose Bennett Excerpt from: Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living -a nice story to go with this image.

Connections ~ Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Process of Creation / Oil on Canvas / 90 x 70 cm / 2013

Christian Malto artwork - Painting in mosaic style.

with a pose of Breelyn