wonder if she knows how SWEET her freckles are

Find Out How Faces Play An Important Role In Inspiring Art

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description I have a soft place in my heart for little girls with freckles. reminds me of summer days of my chil

Gilles Chevalier - Sexy Guy with the Most Beautiful Eyes! ---- Hot Guys: This male model certainly has the most unbelievable eyes.

Afghan girl National Geographic

Sharbat Gula better known as 'Afghan Girl', became famous when her photo (taken by journalist Steve McCurry) appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. She has beautiful eyes.

Love Lost

The art of taking still life portraits of people with your camera is not simple, a good close up face portrait has to balance several things: originality, good composition, quality of picture,facial and body projections.

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Bella!... ❄

Ivy by Gansforever Osman - the most beautiful young girl I believe I have ever seen.