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i love those tattoos so much

His haair is so flawless

Harry Styles | on The Late Late Show | emrosefeld |

his face when he pulls out the apples or balls or whatever they r is completely priceless

This is gold

Niall Horan of One Direction guides romper suit-clad Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson round London's Convent Garden. The boys and their fellow "X-Factor" contestants were visiting a dance studio to prepare for this weekend's live show.

Hair that defies gravity: check. Mega-watt smile: check. Eyes that sparkle with "I've just done something dirty": check. Sexy smattering of tattoos: check. Perfectly stretched white tee: check. HARRY STYLES, LADIES AND GENTS. -E

This is my favourite Harry hair, just an FYI if you were wondering. Cause I just love this hair!


The Babysitter//h.s (en pause) - //9//

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mr.Styles, Happy Birthday to yoooouuuu