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The wolves. - the animism they meet can have two wolves (or something else) that are his special partners. One should be black and one should be white.

Inside of me there are two wolves. One of the wolves is mean and evil. The other wolf is good. The mean wolf fights the good wolf all the time. which wolf wins? The one I feed the most.

Am Tag unterwegs

Because on a Bright Sunny day, with Lighting and Angle They Managed to Make this Black Wolf's Eyes Pop and the Focal point of the picture.


Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus, Stops at a Woodland Stream For a Drink Photographic…

I ❤️ wolves!

White Wolf : Enchanted Fantasy Wolf Digital Art of Cindy Grundsten (Photos - Video)

Piccolo Lupo

Wolf in snow (by Colleen Dubois) Beautiful! This is a creature that has always spoken to my soul.


This shows that timber wolves (sometimes called "gray wolves") can be any color.


Timber Wolf Standing Close to a Forest Tree. (by Jay Warburton).