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Ok Taecyon -ok he is in like the only drama i've ever watched ever and hes suuuper hot-

[OFFICIAL] 2PM's Taecyeon – 1st Look Magazine, Vol. 49, July 2013 ⓒ1st Look MAGAZINE http://firstlook.co.kr

Favorite Taecyeon Pics - This turned out even more painful than the Chansung pic spam. Some of these may not be the most famous shots of him but they are my personal.

If u ask me why Taecyeon? I don't know either

韓流ツイッター on

Happy birthday to the singer-songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur Ok Taec Yeon (Taecyeon). Main rapper, vocalist, and visual for


Ok Taecyeon has enlisted in the Military on Anniversary on Sept. 4 his Agency JYP revealed that enlisted into the recruit traning center of the while house unit in Gyeonggi-soompi!

Taecyeon - Yoon Jae inspiration

2PM's Taecyeon exposes the Roommate ladies' fresh faces