3 Ways To Take Better iPhone Photos

¿No te convencen las fotos que haces con tu iPhone?Aquí te presentamos 3 formas de hacerlas...

Best Photo Editing Apps

These Trendy Cap & Gown Pictures Rebecca Peterman Photography could be done at the school just as easily as in the studio. The full sequence only takes a few minutes.

How to Print from An iPhone

How to Print from An iPhone Printing from an iPhone is easier than ever, even if you're in Katmandu and your printer's in Kalamazoo. That's thanks to increased AirPrint compatibility, manufacturers' and third-party printing apps, Wi-Fi Di

A little while back we raved about using Snapseed as a photo editing app for smart phones. This post is about showing you how to take a relatively ordinary photo on your phone, and make it just a little bit more special before printing it, pinni

How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone

How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone. I always disliked using the flash on my iPhone, until I read about this tip at PCMagazine. Cut a small piece of wax paper (from your kitchen cupboard) and slide it between your iPhone case and iPhone to co

How to Take Family Photos Like a Pro {without buying a new camera}

Want to learn how to take family photos like a pro, without buying a new camera? Here are 5 quick tips that you can use today to take better photos.