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Tommy’s Place “ Grace Miller, Joyce van de Veer, Jeannie Sullivan and Tommy Vasu opened Tommy’s Place in San Francisco in As owners of Tommy’s Place, they were the first known lesbians to have.

Serie de portadas de libros Pulp: A woman's woman. #lesbian

Toni Adler - A woman´s woman / Semi-gloss vintage lesbian pulp novel poster.

i love that we have this in our future. i love that in her goals for the future she has children included :)

i love that in her goals for the future she has children included :)


Mother and daughter customers are not allowed to hold hands, kiss or pat each other on back. On week-ends they are not allowed to even talk to each other.

"In Chicago two night clubs, the Roselle Club, run by Eleanor Shelly, and the Twelve-thirty Club, run by Becky Blumfield, were closed by the police during the 1930s because "women in male attire were nightly patrons of the places". Many of the couples who frequented these clubs had been married to each other by a black minister on Chicago's South Side. In San Francisco, lesbians met at Mona's, where, it was said 'Girls will be Boys.'"

1942 ad for Mona's Club 440 at 440 Broadway, early lesbian nightclub in San Francisco. Show featured Gladys Bentley, Butch Minton, Rose O'Neill and Miss Jimmy Reynard