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"Isn't seven the most powerfully magic number?" ~ Tom Riddle #HalfBloodPrince

Frank Dillane stars as Teenage Tom Riddle in Warner Bros Pictures' Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Movie still no 49

frank dillane

Frank Dillane who plays Nick on Fear The Walking Dead as Tom Riddle Jr in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Very few people can look so upset and angry yet so cute

This may seem a rather controversial post considering Draco is Harry Potter's enemy, but is it really as extreme as that was the years pass and things change at Hogwarts? I am not really sure how t.

Thomas Marvolo Riddle aka  "Lord Voldemort"

These men are not Lord Voldemort, despite the children, bookstore clerks and brother-in-laws who repeatedly mistake them as such.

Tom Riddle

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"Is it weird that I find the guy who plays Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets really attractive? Haha ^to the poster above me, no, no it's not. I feel the same way. -Lyndsey" COS Tom Riddle is hot!