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Words of wisdom from Willie Nelson.

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis ~ Willie Nelson Hell yeah - you go Willie

Weed Is Legal In My House

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El rasta... - http://growlandia.com/highphotos/media/el-rasta/

worldwarxp: “High quality photograph of Bob Marley smoking a spliff in Later to be used as a alternative cover for his debut album called “Catch a’ Fire” for Island Records. The album would gain international fame and praises from reggae fans.

The Man Himself.

Bob Marley smoking marijuana thats not Medical - Music Pictures the legend himself

They need to get onboard...Cigarettes Company can cover their stories about tobacco doesn't cause "CANCER"! Show me a study that tell me that this give you cancer? And I will stop using because of my PTSD.

And who funds the massive disinformation campaigns against marijuana legalization and for mass incarceration? Why the same people who profit from prescription drug abuse and the death is brings.