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Impresionante Arte Concepto De La Battlestar Galactica usted nunca vio

Stunning Concept Art From The Battlestar Galactica You Never Saw

Osiris_48.jpg (1154×3781)

This is an incredible model for a spacecraft! It's probably from a game or movie somewhere

Mech Love Not War: Photo

Galaxy Saga - Raijin Regular designed by *Reza-ilyasa - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Drawings, Robots, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial

Random Ghost

Philippe Gaulier has posted some of the environment concepts he created for Jupiter Ascending

There are those who believe that the Cylons were created by man. Some believe that they were created by a race of highly advanced lizards who used them as foot soldiers in the war to exterminate hu...

the true history of the cylons

John Wallin + Sparth

"Collaboration between John Wallin and I on a spaceship piece. There’s way more John in there, but also some snippets of my designs." Not sure who is quoted but the design looks a lot like those that graced many Poul Anderson covers.