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"Science: If you don't make mistakes, you're doing it wrong. If you don't correct those mistakes, you're doing it really wrong. If you can't accept that you're mistaken, you're doing it all wrong.

Hmm, I never knew Batman was in the periodic table of elements.

Remera Nananana Batman

Funny pictures about The most powerful element. Oh, and cool pics about The most powerful element. Also, The most powerful element.

Information entering black holes IS lost forever.....

It’s so simple…

Admittedly I don't have the best head for physic equations, but I love the intersection of math & language. This can help my students and I in the future!

WOMEN IN SCIENCE: Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science | Brain Pickings

Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science

minimalist posters celebrating six pioneering women in science, Brain Pickings Sooo doing this for my room!

Definitivamente me voy a hacer uno de estos  los amo

11 x 17 color artwork print - Digitally printed on gloss paper - Comes in a protective sleeve with cardboard backing - ready to

Chemistry of Starbucks.

“Why is coffee so irresistible? New infographic on the Chemistry of Coffee

Inteligencias múltiples. Descubre las tuyas y utilízalas al máximo para aprender español.

Multiple intelligence theory in Spanish. - in English, there's a word, "epistemology" that seems a little too fancy, but is really interesting.

How to know if what you're reading is legit

Infographic: A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science. A brief detour from chemistry, branching out into science in general today. This graphic looks at the different factors that can contribute towards 'bad' science - it was inspired by the research I.