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Susan Sarandon, una vida de película

Susan Sarandon, una vida de película

is there actually anyone in the world that doesn't know Susan Sarandon is super hot and was also super hot as a younger woman? I mean really?

12 Celebs Who Might Shock You With Their Hot, Younger Selves

Susan Sarandon - remember young women -- we were once young and beautiful. What's in your heart and soul?

Thelma and Louise - Amitié * Friendship* Ami'e)* Friends* Copains* Copines* Bestie* BFF

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Female Buddy Comedies

20th Anniversary of "Thelma & Louise

thecountryfucker: “ At about 1 am last night I started a journey, no an awakening… I watched Thelma and Louise for the first time. I am not sure what rock I have been hiding under to have missed out on this treasure for so long. The southwestern.

Susan Sarandon In The Witches Of Eastwick.

A Hollywood Stylist’s Advice for Regular People

Timeless beauty: Susan Sarandon let her ample cleavage steal the limelight as she flashed the flesh in an low-cut tuxedo look dress

Blake Lively dazzles in fairy tale-inspired ballgown

Blake Lively surpassed herself when she stepped out at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday afternoon, where she dazzled at the annual event's latest A-list gathe

Susan Sarandon Photo Gallery |

Susan Sarandon Photo Gallery |

"I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less of an issue and what you are is the point"    Susan Sarandon  (b. 1946)

American Actress Susan Sarandon very much comfortable in her skin. She is talented and sexy but she does not over due the Hollywood lifestyle.