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Fragonard perfumes from Nice

Perfume I bought while on the French trip in HS at the Fragonard Parfumeur, smells different on everyone --- Ile d'Amour, Fragonard Parfumeur

Fragonard : "Belle de nuit" - (Beauty / Lady of the night) - Exotic, classic, floral, dark, seductive evening parfum.

Ile d'Amour by Fragonard A new favourite of mine

My favourite perfume - Ile D'Amour by Fragonard in France. Translation - Island of Love. Smells like the 'Blue Coast' on a balmy Spring day.

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No idea what this is except flowers in liquid but it is so pretty. I want to learn how to preserve things like this.

Shea Butter Jasmine Hand Cream

Hands are moisturized, protected, repaired and immediately recover softness and comfort


Metz+Racine Photography

Metz+Racine still life photographers and directors duo represented worldwide by D+V for stills and Wacko Premiere Heure for moving images.

The Imagination Tree: Rose Petal Fairy Perfume

Rose Petal Fairy Perfume

Outdoor activites: Make Rose Petal Fairy perfume using rose petals and water.

fragrance bar.  Huh... I wonder if anyone would come to a make-your-own perfume party?

just another fabulous (VI Fit Network) (LilDuckieArts) (LilDuckieArts) lee lange curation.

On the Trail of a Scent

On the Trail of a Scent

Ninety-nine percent of what I try goes nowhere; I’m aiming for that 1 percent that is my best effort .You’re chasing that smile on someone’s face, the reaction when they smell the end result. - Pascal Gaurin, Perfumer An unforgettable scent.