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Not saying anything, but I'm pretty sure it's dinnertime... #funnydog #dogpicoftheday

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if you have herd animals you have to have a good herding dog.

This is a very typical stance for a border collie. Lowered front with a stare that can put a cow in a trance

Razzle & Buzz - Border Collies   .**

Grodie, good name for a pup.Gag me with a spoon.Frank Zappa and daughter Moon Unit had a song back in the "Valley Girl." It's hilarious and a solid groove.This is Razzle & Buzz - Border Collies

Jess, our border collie puppy | by sals_r

Border Collie puppy - so cute but remember they were born to herd and will never grow out of it. No sheep then anything with wheels needs chasing - from toy cars to trucks!

Helpful Advice For Anyone Who Owns A Dog -- Read more info by clicking the link on the image. #dogcareideas

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The Dog Artist - Rescued from an animal shelter, Arbor's paintings raise money for animal charities.

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