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A rare 16th century gold sundial and compass ring, possibly German, The hinged oval bezel designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arm...

rare century Gold sundial and compass ring, possibly German. The hinged oval bezel designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arms, opening to reveal a sundial and compass, on a plain gold hoop, dimensions of bezel

Coat of Arms diagram, Wikipedia

A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design .The coat of arms on an escutcheon…

Coat of Arms of Deutschland (Germany)

I have this German Coat of Arms tatted on my back in honor of my families heritage.

Coat of arms of the Netherlands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arms of the Counts of Eu, House of Normandy: D'azur, au lion d'or,l'écu semé de billettes d'or

Coat of arms - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlights:  Heraldry is at this point only recently made hereditary Worn on shields Pretty simple at his point in history, when it became hereditary, each son added something to his father's heraldry

The German Hyghalmen Roll was made in the late fifteenth century and illustrates the German practice of repeating themes from the arms in the crest.

Rose Coat of Arms / Rose Family Crest

Family Crest Tattoos / Coat of Arms Tattoos - Coat of Arms Tatoo / Family Crest Tattoo We can research & draw your authentic, accurate Coat of Arms for TATTOOS. We can then email your Family Crest .

VAN DEN BOSCH ... DUTCH GERMAN ... PDF Coat of Arms and Extended History (Letter)

PDF Coat of Arms + Extended Surname History: great resource and guide to books. Our family is under the direct descendent of John Wilkins.

Albrecht Dürer  German, 1471-1528, Coat of Arms with Lion and Rooster

Löwenwappen mit dem Hahn, by Dürer, Albrecht (Inventor, Stecher), 1503

Coat of Arms of Albrecht Dürer (by Albrecht Dürer)  (Germany, Nuremberg 1471–1528)

Coat of Arms of Albrecht Dürer (German, Nuremberg ever questioned why Albrecht didn'tg make his coat of arms woodcut for sale until when he had most of his life to do it? Something special was going on in which is why he waited so long