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165-ribbon-tailed-astrapia-astrapia-mayeri-cc.jpg (640×480)

165-ribbon-tailed-astrapia-astrapia-mayeri-cc.jpg (640×480)

There are more than three dozen species in the family Paradisaeidae, more commonly known as the birds of paradise

Wilson's Bird-of-paradise, Cicinnurus respublica. Amazing color and spectacular tail


15 Gorgeous And Unusual Birds

Aves del Paraiso -Nueva Guinea- Inspiration MONIC. Bird of Paradise

Courtship pose of the Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana). He accents his long red flank plumes. This breed is found in southern and northeastern New Guinea. (photo by Tim Laman)

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Sharpe’s Birds of Paradise

As previously mentioned, we recently worked with the Folio Society to create a facsimile of Sharps Birds of Paradise, and as promised, the images are now available in the Rylands Collection. Sharpe's Birds of Paradise

Resultado de imagem para aves do paraiso

Resultado de imagem para aves do paraiso