laberinto en Tunez, siglo III-IV dC
Pont Chevron, Francia
Iglesia de St. Lambertus, Mingolsheim, Alemania, 636-700dC
Making a labyrinth can be done with paint or chalk. The opportunity to create labyrinths or geometric designs for any situation is unlimited. A pin wheel labyrinth, which was created for a playground on Sacramento Street in China Town in San Francisco, is stunning.
Labyrinth with inverted pentagram (a five pointed star).
laberinto de antigua Villa romana de Loigersfelder, Salzburgo, Austria
Detail of the Labyrinth of Avarice: an engraved illustration from Del Bene’s Civitas Veri.
10 Labyrinths Worth Exploring - Articles - Departures
Labyrinth of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy
Resultado de imagen para mandala celta hexagonal