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The lost boys.ok this is 2 good since I love Peter Pan & I also love the movie the lost boys.a vampire movie that doesn't portray vampires as sparkly bitches

Dark Disney♥

Disney villains: Wicked reference I LOVE IT. Took this and got Jafar even if I always compare myself to the evil queen in snow white or the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland

The best explanation for everything I do

The Aristocats. "Because Im a lady that's why!" "Your not a lady your nothing but a sister!


Baby Mine Don't You Cry, Baby Mine Dry Your Eyes, Rest Your Head Close To My Heart Never To Part. Baby Of Mine.I sing and hum this to my little Luna❤️

hahaha  Aahhh Disney romance...

Nailed it. Thanks Mulan, for being the only Disney movie with an accurate depiction of how men behave. Love Disney but so true lol>>> and it's not proper Grammer to say you fight good. Your supposed to say you fight well

#2: This is a pretty cool Disney photo/Peter Pan poster that is designed by Scotty Reifsnyder and commissioned by Disney.  tjn

5 Disney Photos that You Will Love

magicalfanaticism: “ Peter Pan, “Night Duel” by Scotty Reifsnyder. Created as an illustration based on the 1953 animated film Peter Pan for the ‘Good vs. Evil’ exhibition at the WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland®.

I wish the bottom part of this wasn't there but I absolutely love the cartoon. Another reason why Disney will always come out on top.

When Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets died in Disney released this picture of Mickey consoling Kermit the Frog I can feel my heart breaking

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Social dynamics of medieval fairies. and the last person.'how do you know so much about the social dynamics of medieval fairies?