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avant didot

This is a very proper but slant typeface that i really like. Its like seeing this typeface at a store in the the mall, and the background is very plain but bright and i also like how close the letters are

Chiseled typeface design inspired by movie tittles from old b&w movies.

Facel Smoking club typeface by Rodrigo Aguadé and Manuel Astorga. Both work for a design studio in Madrid, Spain. Interesting how monumental type could appear without a colour just on white.

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Motivational quotes typography posters are just beautiful! A motivational typography posters (or inspirational quotes) is a type of posters commonly designed

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Wow, we are loving all these different fonts, each for a different herb. These fonts have an antique quality that I really like about them. I especially love Rosemary and Cilantro because they exude a lot of qualities found in the aesthetic which I love.

Raleigh Gothic Condensed by Depression Press, via Flickr

Morris Fuller Benton designed Raleigh Gothic Condensed for ATF in It is similar to his Agency Gothic of the same year. in Typo

Brand Identity for Hammersmith Grove. One of the nicest ligatures I've ever seen

10 Hammersmith Grove

Detail in logo for 10 Hammersmith Grove identity, designed by the agency SomeOne