Sinopse do 10º episódio de American Horror Story: Asylum!

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Yeah if someone saw this and hadn't seen season 3 of American Horror Story they'd question reality.

Sarah Paulson: Every pair of eyes I wore after I gauged them out with them garden shears

American Horror Story Cast Out of Costume

See the American Horror Story Cast Out of Costume

This week marked the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show, and one thing's for sure: all the actors involved seriously transformed into their freakish

American Horror Story (2011–) ~ Minimal TV Series Poster by Gleydson Lima #amusementphile

Série de posters minimalistas inspirados nos personagens da segunda temporada da série American Horror Story.Series of minimalist posters inspired by characters from the second season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: Asylum Minimalistic posters BY Gleydson de Lima Araújo

restituere: Shelley, from American Horror Story Asylum minimialist series.


7 Theories About American Horror Story Season Ever since we found out that each installment of American Horror Story somehow intersects, our brains have been running wild with season connection theories.

Tide talking to violet about him being a killer and she doesn't care if he is or isn't 😌