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I like this because I've never seen anything else quite like it.

Taylor Baldwin's epic assemblage art

Instagram: digital_future

Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory…

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This picture provided by Christie's shows a 1967 oil painting by Tom Wesselmann titled Mouth 8

The ninety-first surah in the Holy Quran, Ash-Shams, meaning ‘the sun’

In Arabic calligraphy, the ninety-first surah in the Holy Quran, Ash-Shams, meaning ‘the sun’, is written exactly once in the Islamic Calligraphy Diwani Jali script to create an abstract stylized sun.

08 Roman Cieslewicz

08 Roman Cieslewicz


Pledge Night (1988)


Deal with it - print

Classic Supervillains Get a Throwback With Makeovers and Their Own Albums

'Highlander' Japanese Poster

Japanese movie poster for Highlander Ver:B - Russell Mulcahy.

Since you’d totally go to a concert headlined by a guy named DJ Shredder or DJ Skeletor, illustrator Rocky Davies has created a series about supervillains choosing music careers over a life of crime. Famous baddies like Mr Stay Puft, Predator and Freddy Kreuger all look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of […]

Famous 80s villains reimagined as neon album covers

This is a series of album covers designed by illustrator Rocky Davies featuring iconic villains and lyrics from the The by the way, not the I don't know who the famous villains of the were,.

Tom Vek - Luck

Tom Vek has spent years crafting new wave that has a spiky aggression to it. The first single from his new album Luck, "Sherman (Animals In The Jungle),"