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Qhapac Ñan, Andean Road System, Peru

This incredible transport network stretched out over a huge part of South America. But you won't believe how the Incans used to get messages along it!

Drive the best roads in the world - San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland and Stelvio Pass, Italy

Another high mountain pass across the Swiss Alps is the San Bernardino Pass. GS I drove this as a child and it was always the highlight of the trip enroute to Italy !

Vintage, San Francisco Cliff House

(Hand Colored) Children at Ocean Beach Cliff House "This is a sepia print from a negative, originally taken in early at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Cliff House, a miracle of architecture.

Cultura Guaraní: Ruinas de San Ignacio Miní (Misiones). Argentina.

Soccer or football was first played by the indigenous Guaranies in what is today Paraguay, the heartland of South America and one of the sixteen best teams of the current World Cup currently been disputed in South Africa.