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Bella the Mixed Breed

Do’s and Don’ts Of Teaching Your Puppy Proper Socialization Skills - because one day, I WILL have a pet!

Have you seen the meme going around social media with cat selfies? We just had to give equal opportunity to the dogs. Check out the official PAWedu meme of dog selfies! It's a collection of nine funny furfaces.

 I'm going to do this with my boxer when I get married

my boxer is definietly going to be in my wedding someday (:

Fennec Fox - These are adorable looking creatures!

Fennec Fox - These are adorable looking creatures!


The unnamed cub, one of a set of triplets born late last year, was photographed by Olga Gladysheva at Moscow Zoo last month.

Silly boy

Silly boy

Pet Scoop: Dogs Can Spot Their Own Species, Rare Tiger Cub Born in San Francisco

A French study finds that dogs can recognize their own species in photos, a rare Sumatran tiger cub is born at the San Francisco Zoo, Affenpinschers become a sensation after Westminster and more animal news.

Ellen Kinney works with her certified therapy dog, Sasha, in counseling a young patient. Kinney said their work with the young girl has helped in developing her confidence and assertiveness.

Animals can assist in psychotherapy

vintage everyday: 51 Adorable Photos Show That Dogs Have Always Been Children's Best Friends From Long Time Ago

Doing dog therapy work with children and seniors.  Can do reading programs with dogs and children now too.

The Center for Animal Assisted Therapy (CAAT) promotes human & animal welfare through the partnership of people & pets. The mission of the Center at the University of North Texas is to train professionals & volunteers to work with their pets to: facili