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Cliara Tayre Maressa

Cliara Tayre Maressa

hand infected with light

Angel's hand lights up when she's fighting. Her laser color is aquamarine, so her veins glow with aquamarine light.

Esa was lost in an unfamiliar wood. she was alone. this wood would not obey her, for it was filled with dark magic. she didn't know what to do, so she sat and wept

Esa was lost in an unfamiliar wood. this wood would not obey her, for it was filled with dark magic. she didn't know what to do, so she sat and wept <-- wish I knew who originally thought up the description.


Sweet cravings -2 smells that kill your cravings!


blood seeped unbidden from her skin. wounds from phantom weapons tore into her and screams ripped themselves from her lips

I wiggled my fingers at the branches. A long think branch moved like a snake around the girls leg. "What the hell!" She shouted trying to punch the branch. Yes, she's punching a moving branch. "Someone must be near." My blood froze. Why do they assume it is another person and just not the tree itself? "Give me a second." Another girl said a she walked over to the branch and put her hand on it. She was pretty, but really dirty. Her dark hair was covered in mud and twigs. Then her around her…

Elemental Control/Earth

One of the powers related to Elemental Control is the ability to control the earth and nature.

Maybe it wasn't a Healthy way of thinking, maybe it wasn't a good belief to have, but it was the foundation of Damian and Viola's mental state.

you - the iph- you are my family now." alma took a breath to compose herself. "and i will fight for my family until my last breath.

Hi, I'm Lillian you can call me Lily of you want to. I'm 10 years old but I'm pretty smart for my age. I love reading, doodling, and playing outside. I love playing with my siblings, I have a lot after all. I have lived here all my life so I haven't seen any other place that is not here. I love exploring, inside and outside! I love my parents a lot but I just don't see them much.

El laberinto del fauno or Pan's Labyrinth is one of the most beautiful and haunting films I've ever seen. I love Guillermo del Toro's work and this poignant story about war and conflict and a little girl's strength.

"Give her back to me," I growled at the Elder, Isaac and Ted holding my arms behind my back to restrain me. "We don't have her!" Cried Alexander the Elder, putting up his hands. "Then I will find her, or die trying," I promise.

"Give her back," I whispered hoarsely, "give back the girl who would run along rooftops to try and imagine what wind felt like. She breathed in "Why should I return something that was never yours?