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Sans seria el tipo de novio que después de ver una película en su casa siempre insinuaría "cosas" (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) cosas zukhulentas

Sans' The Type Of Boyfriend - 11❤

Read from the story Sans' The Type Of Boyfriend by (Martel) with 84 reads. Sans seria el tipo de novio que después de ve.

UT: Its a Wedding by hopelessromantic721

UT: Its a Wedding by but I had to pin this a second time it's to good

I can die of cuteness >///<<<<first I was like awww then I was like wait... Purple guys in there...

Rose: *runs up to spring* SPRING! *hugs* Spring: *blushes* i missed you too Rose.

undertale, sans, grillbyz <<<<< Sans doesn't like cats BUT THATS UNDERSTANDABLE I MEAN THAT CAT IS TERRIFYING

KILL IT SANS KILL IT (I kinda want it tho) Tame it and train it to do your dirty work and strike mortal terrpr into your enimies

AAHH to cute OMIGOSH help me my heart it’s burstingggg

gaster, sans, papyrus, undertale, comic Omg that actually creeped me out!

UNDERTALE by pekou.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I slaved over this for 3 days. I drew every undertale character (excluding Asriel’s final boss form, Undyne the Undying, .

I don't like the way sans looks but THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

Human things are scary<<< I think I would scare them, I crack my neck, wrists and fingers a lot

Undertale Papyrus Undyne Sans

i think this might be my favorite undertale comic ive ever seen.

papyrus, sans, undertale, undertag, funny Papyrus its just a magic trick

Frisk :: Sans :: Undertale персонажи :: Undertale :: Undertale комикс…<<<T-That did not go as planned

Sprites of various Undertale AUs Source Notes:There was a contest on my deviantart page started about a few days ago, in which people would request me to make sprite edits of different Undertale AUs, and whats that at the bottom, yep its.