Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding are very suitable for outdoor bridal concept. The blue scheme of the dress looks fresh and cool for bridesmaids group

Rustic Picnic Wedding Ideas

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Why Go: Known for its pink-hued sand, this small island -- the oldest British colony -- is as civilized and as gracious as it gets. You'll be treated as honored guests.
Where to Stay: Reminiscent of a country estate, the Rosedon Hotel (Rosedon.com) offers the perfect mix of privacy and socializing (whether it's around the pool, at tea or during the Tuesday-evening rum swizzle parties). 
What to Do: Feel the wind blowing through your hair while tooling around on a moped.

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Bermuda ~ Went to Horseshoe Beach and Pink Sands Beach. Visited the lighthouses and walked around the island, rented a moped.

country wedding: Ha, to do this I need a set if fictional bridesmaids.. My friends will NOT do this...lol I still love them though!!

Autumn New Jersey Wedding from A Garden Party

brons cake

A two tier wedding cake, fondant covered airbrushed in bronze with a light tan lace cutout as the borders.


Love the khaki suit and the flower in her hair .oh the dress and outdoor dance floor too!

Country wedding signs... best believe there's gonna be some cornhole at my wedding!

best believe there's gonna be some cornhole at my wedding! Ceremony instead of idol and Games instead of that corn stuff lol

A beautiful vintage beach wedding

The Vintage Beach Wedding Invitations by Bella Figura feature black and gold inks with chevron accents.