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Elizabeth Taylor wearing the diamond tiara given to her by third husband Mike Todd. He said she was his queen, and she said he was his king. Notice she is wearing her BVLGARI emerald earrings.

Elizabeth Taylor and her mother

Elizabeth Taylor and her Mother, Sara Viola Warmbrodt, aka Sara Sothern, a former actress in the

Elizabeth Taylor

She lived with horrendous pain, the majority of her life. I salute her and love this photo of Elizabeth Taylor, who cussed like a sailor, probably her pain relief!

Resultado de imagem para olhos violetas reais

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Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor, (love her jewelry) She lived life, she didn’t pussyfoot around or hem and haw, but she lived.

Elizabeth Taylor 1963

Elizabeth applies her make-up, whilst filming 'Elizabeth Taylor in London' at the Dorchester, July 1963