Flareon (Pokemon) Amigurumi ~ Free Pattern here: http://raichely.deviantart.com/art/Flareon-Amigurumi-Pattern-373570488

Here it is, the pattern for the Flareon I made Again, if you're having trouble understanding the pattern, let me know so I can try to clarify things .

Ravelry: Bulbasaur pattern by Moomcrafts

crochet bulbasaur from pokemon.probably the only crochet thing my nephew would want lol:)

Scatterbug - Pokemon Character - Free Amigurumi Pattern http://katscreations.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/scatterbug.html

COMPLETED: 110 GOAL: 718 I made this little guy in both colors. Pick the one you like best.

great site with tons of free patterns for pokemon, mario, and sonic plushies.

Free Amigurumi Patterns: pokemon I didn't use felt of course and I did the ears very differently but pattern is functional.