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that's some heartwarming shit right there.

that's some heartwarming shit right there. One day I want some one to say something as sweet to me, buut at in-n-out

couldnt have said it better myself

couldnt have said it better myself

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I would marry this man

The BEST Way to Meet Girls. This is seriously the best idea, ever. It would totally work on me. You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can' t pe girls books pickup lines Dating funny

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I knew someone in highschool who accidentally put porn up on the projector mid presentation, but at least everyone was over


This app is pretty clunky but I LOVE the idea! The Aspire News app. an app disguised as a news app that can give women in abusive relationships access to domestic violence resources. For free.

Das bad.

This quote is an amazing one that broke and lifted my heart at the same time. Self harm. Please stop, because even if you don't believe it, you'll break someone's heart.

*evil laughter* ... oh um S - sorry was I interupting something? I'm sorry *shuffles away into the abyss*

*evil laughter* *shuffles away into the abyss* I don't actually hate anyone though

seriously. I'm constantly made fun of for my laughs... it's soooo not cool, people. #beautifullaughs

I laugh like I'm calling seagulls until I can't breathe then it becomes a silent laugh.